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Nigel Kersten

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  • Registered on: 07/25/2008
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Reported issues: 484


10:02 am Puppet Bug #10063 (Rejected): cron resource violates resource ordering
Rejected as per Felix's update in


11:55 am Puppet Bug #21739 (Needs More Information): puppet cert generate on a new host may leave the host unable...
11:55 am Puppet Bug #21739: puppet cert generate on a new host may leave the host unable to initialize ssl
Was this really with the same puppet.conf settings?
I just reproduced this on CentOS 6, and I can't see any way t...
11:51 am Puppet Bug #22116 (Rejected): certificate clean or revoke does not work with passenger
Yeah, this is a bug in Apache, and it's frustrating. We have documented this, but perhaps not as well as we should ha...
11:49 am Puppet Feature #10111: Puppet should deprecate the use of CRLs and move towards OCSP
Do we have any updates here?
11:11 am Puppet Bug #22539: authentication_authority key is not set when managing root's password using the puppe...
(the formatting above isn't quite working the way diff -u should, but this should indicate where the problem lies)
11:08 am Puppet Bug #22582 (Rejected): Puppet ignores schedules
Actually, let me correct that. The schedule type always shows that output, it's irrelevant to this issue.
11:02 am Puppet Bug #22582 (Investigating): Puppet ignores schedules
Are you sure this actually fixed it Jan?
I'm seeing the same problem with `ruby 1.9.3p448 (2013-06-27 revision 416...
10:57 am Puppet Bug #22115 (Rejected): puppet agent runs - removing facts etc. and does nothing - without any com...
That does look like you were running with an older for Puppet 2.x not 3.x, and the symptoms you're seeing m...
10:45 am Puppet Bug #22212 (Accepted): File Names with "?" cause failures with recursive copies

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