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John De Stefano

  • Registered on: 09/03/2010
  • Last connection: 12/17/2013


Reported issues: 1


08:59 am Puppet Dashboard Feature #3355: Execute puppetrun from dashboard
After two years, that's really a shame (for us existing non-Enterprise users).
Thanks anyway.


06:10 am Puppet Bug #8430: Ubuntu Natty sysv services are not being enabled if they fail strict LSB checks
I see several existing tickets -- some open and some closed without resolution -- with regard to Puppet control and s...


12:08 pm Puppet Feature #2866: Yum package provider does not allow downgrade
Oliver Hookins wrote:
> Perhaps that indicates that the package providers need a new feature :downgradeable ? At lea...
08:07 am Puppet Feature #2866: Yum package provider does not allow downgrade
If this truly has been fixed/closed in 2.7.0 (and I think it has), can the relevant documentation be updated?


01:04 pm Puppet Bug #3910: Server is not authoritative over client environment when specified in an ENC
+1: the work-around is kind of a pain when dealing with more than a few servers, not to mention having to remember th...

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