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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version
22900 BugClosedNormalFailed to start
17161 BugClosedNormalIE colorbox images are not read from the correct location1.2.13
16549 FeatureClosedNormalSort the host list when creating/editing groups; remove already-present hosts
16538 BugClosedNormalpuppet dashboard begins 404'ing after hours or days
16504 BugClosedNormalAllow resizing (even in settings.yml) of the left hand side 'Group' window.
16428 is inadequate
16406 BugClosedNormalError 500 after upgrade from 1.2.10 to
15511 BugClosedNormalpuppet-dashboard debian package places database.yml and settings.yml files in incorrect location, causing rake task failureMoses Mendoza
15197 BugClosedNormalRFE: kick from dashboard
14376 BugClosedNormal`resource_statuses`.`id` should be BIGINT
13565 BugClosedNormalLeft over ~ and .bak files in 1.2.7Patrick Carlisle1.2.8
12909 BugClosedNormalError runing service puppetdashboard
12745 BugClosedNormalDecouple gems so that rake tasks can be run without a development environment
12658 BugClosedNormalAdd robots.txt to dashboardMoses Mendoza1.2.6
12633 BugClosedNormalSupply robots.txt with PuppetMatthaus Owens1.2.6
12624 BugClosedNormalDocumentation for Securing Dashboard and using Robots.txtNick Fagerlund
12484 BugClosedNormalTrailing space is allowed in dashboard parameters1.2.6
12476 BugClosedNormallib/tasks/install.rake fails with vague errors when ca_server is not reachableAdrien Thebo1.2.6
12440 BugClosedNormaldashboard upgrade overwrote /etc/sysconfig/puppet-dashboardMoses Mendoza1.2.6
12153 BugClosedNormalAdd supported browsers to README1.2.6
11882 FeatureClosedNormalAdd/Edit node parameters via rake task
11470 BugClosedNormalDelayed jobs failure on seconds methodJason McKerr
11332 BugClosedNormaldashboard1.2.X can not display collection infomation
11063 BugClosedNormalBuilding Dashboard deb package should keep the source tarballJonathan Grochowski1.2.4
11058 FeatureClosedNormalDashboard deb package should have puppetlabs as a vendor string in the package versionJonathan Grochowski1.2.4

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