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Feature #14661

Allow puppet to start by default without manual intervention

Added by Matthaus Owens about 4 years ago.

Status:InvestigatingStart date:05/22/2012
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Matthaus Owens% Done:


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Conversation copied from IRC to illustrate desire.

22:13:21     bgupta |    on ubntu 11.04, it seems that by default if I install puppet, /etc/puppet/default START is set to no by default. Is there a programatic way to set this to yes? 
22:15:02     bgupta | haus: well, I am wondering how to enable it without editting the file directly..
22:15:50     bgupta | Basically when I do apt-get install puppet from a shell script.. I want the next step to be /etc/init.d/puppet start.
22:16:19     bgupta | or if there is an intermediate step.. I want it to be a shell oneliner.
22:16:48      +haus | sed is the best way i can think of, and it would be a one-liner
22:17:24  +dpittman | haus: do we preserve that behaviour in our own puppet packages for Debian and friends?  Might be worth defaulting to on if someone goes as far as configuring a third party package repo
22:17:56     bgupta | haus: This just seems wrong.. why is it disabled from starting by default?
22:18:10      +haus | dpittman: we do on our packages. but we could change it
22:18:33  +dpittman | haus: I understand why Debian do that, but yeah, seems like it might be nicer to just start
22:18:42      +haus | i think it has to do with matching redhat/centos behaviour of not starting services by default
22:18:48      +haus | after package installation
22:18:48       Nom- | bgupta: You could install augtool and use that to modify the configuration file
22:18:58       Nom- | That's a slightly nicer way to modify files than using sed
22:19:11  +dpittman | haus: Debian do it, IIRC, because additional configuration is needed, and / or there is more than one way to run Puppet
22:19:47       Nom- | Alternatively you could run puppet manually and have the first puppet run configure the desired /etc/default/puppet and /etc/puppet/puppet.conf
22:19:48      +haus | dpittman: good to know. afaik we liberally borrowed their packaging, so there's no reason we can't change it
22:20:13  +dpittman | haus: the debian maintainer (Stig) is a generally awesome guy and would doubtless be happy to talk to you about it
22:20:15     bgupta | so basically I need to populate the damn thing with a cat > blah << EOF block, like I do for puppet.conf?
22:20:33      +haus | dpittman: i'll hit him up with a couple of questions
22:20:56  +dpittman | haus: cool.  I may have missed some other reason to do it, which he will doubtless know.  Would make bgupta's life better
22:21:04      +haus | this is true
22:21:37      +haus | bgupta: something like `sed -i s/START=no/START=yes/g /etc/default/puppet` *should* do the trick as well
22:23:21     bgupta | haus, just gonna do that.. Nom: this is being done early in the booting process, and currently I have puppet install aug

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